Fathers Day Special!

This Fathers Day Tour Fit Golf Labs would like to say thank you to all the Fathers out there, and offer the perfect gift to all the Dads. A lot of us were given our first club from our fathers, and now its time to give one (or multiple) back! Having trouble thinking of a fathers day gift? We have the perfect solution, the gift that lowers their score on the green! We are offering 20% off fitting fee to all fathers, and 50% off BOTH fitting fees if Son and Father get fit together!  Whether its a gift just for dad, or an opportunity for Father and Son, or Father and Daughter to have fun getting fit together we are providing the perfect solution! We will honor these prices until july 20th as long as the fitting is scheduled before this fathers day! Call today! 239.513.0002 and happy fathers day to all the fathers out there.

Colorado Press Release

Tour Fit Golf Labs Opens at The Club at Cordillera, Edwards, CO

Edwards, CO – (May 25, 2017) – Tour Fit Golf Labs, LLC (“Company” or “Tour Fit”), a Naples-based custom golf club fitting and building company announced today the opening of its newest location at The Club at Cordillera (“Cordillera”) in Edwards, Colorado. Tour Fit will rotate among Cordillera’s four distinct courses: Valley, Mountain, Summit, and Short. Open to the public, fittings will begin on June 1, 2017.

The Company is the leader in custom fit and built golf clubs and, through its acquisition of Pure Performance Golf Labs, has been featured on Golf Digest Americas 100 Best Clubfitters since 2011.

“We have been at the cutting edge of custom golf club fitting and building longer than any other major fitter in the industry,” said Brandon Collier, Master Club Fitter for Tour Fit Golf Labs. “We are committed to providing our clients with a true Tour level fitting experience and delivering the best custom golf clubs in the industry.”

Tour Fit Golf Labs’ fitting matrix is constantly stocked with the latest heads, shafts and grips from all the major golf vendors and offers more than 50,000 combinations. Its fitting matrix is also equipped with the latest in diagnostic technology including Trackman and SAM PuttLab, which allow you to see the results and improvement in your game prior to purchasing your custom set of golf clubs.

The Company’s hand-built process utilizes SST Pure, Digital Swingweight Scale, Digital Lie and Loft, Frequency Matching, and Hot Melting, as well as a proprietary system that helps optimize each club before it leaves the build shop.

Tour Fit Golf Labs is brand agnostic and maintains a results oriented approach to fitting. The Company will recommend the best combination of head, shaft and grip for its clients, without allegiance to any specific brand. All the technology and custom hand building translates into tangible results, with longer drives, tighter dispersion, and lower scores.

“Our clients commonly see 15 or more yards gained per club with much greater accuracy and consistency,” said Collier. “Nothing makes us happier than a client telling us about how they dropped 3 or 4 strokes per round.”

Fittings are by appointment only. For more information or to schedule a fitting, please visit or contact one of our fitting ambassadors at (239) 513-0002 or You can also follow Tour Fit Golf Labs on Instagram and Facebook.


VA Composites

Tour Fit Golf Labs is Coming to Colorado!

Tour Fit Golf Labs is proud to announce we will be opening a new location in Edwards, Colorado partnering with the Cordillera Golf Club, a Troon managed property which also was awarded the top Troon Golf Community in the nation in 2017. We will be opening for fittings starting June 1st 2017. We have made certain that our new location is fully stocked when doors open which means clients can expect the same top-notch fitting experience that they would at our original location in Naples, Fl. Consistency is very important to us and we want all clients to know that we have spared no expense in ensuring that their fitting experience is superb, exactly how it is in our other locations. Although our home base is inside Cordillera we invite everyone to call in for a fitting appointment, as Cordillera has agreed to let members and non-members alike to be fit inside their facilities with our equipment and fitters.

What can you expect at Cordillera?

After calling and scheduling your fitting, you will receive a confirmation email with your time, your fitters name, and directions to the fitting location, along with other introductory information.  When you arrive for your fitting clients can look for our large branded Tour Fit Golf Labs structure which is where your fitting will take place. Our fitters will take you through our expansive demo matrix, moving strategically piece by piece through our matrix while you hit in front of our trackman and can see your results in real time. Once our fitters find the components that provide you with optimal results we will submit your data and place the order to begin building the golf clubs you have been fit for. We encourage clients to call early for their fitting appointments so that we can have their clubs ready for them as early in the season as possible.


Hotmelt is a light glue type substance we use to change a few factors of the golf club head. By adding hotmelt we can change the sound of the head upon contact with the ball, weight (for swing weight purposes) and ball flight. For sound, you are adding a substance inside a hollow head which now will quiet down the usual loud “ping” sounding drivers. For swing weight, we can only add weight to the head so this will increase the swingweight of the club. Lastly, shot shape., we can add hotmelt to the toe making the club fade more, versus adding weight to the heel which would make the club draw more.  Adding to the top of the crown will lower ball flight, lower the spin, and the weight can be added to the bottom of the head to increase ball fight and raise the spin. These factors are considered during our fitting process to determine exactly what is needed to produce the optimal club for each individual client we fit. There is no exact formula for how much it will increase ball flight or lower ball flight based on where the weight is added, a multitude of factors are at play so it can vary from player to player. Five grams of weight added to a head may have significantly different results from one player to the next. Our approach is to add as much weight as we can while still maintaining an optimal swingweight.

Cobra Announces the F7 Head

As we approach the RBC Heritage, Cobra Puma Golf has decided to release its new Heritage Collection at Harbour Town Golf Links later this week.  The highlight of this release is the new Cobra F7 driver head.  This clubbed is designed to look like a persimmon wood with a yellow/brown color on the crown, toe, and sole.

Although this club has a very classic look, it includes the same features as the standard F7 such as the weight ports on the sole.  These ports allow the driver to adjust between eight settings across three degrees of loft.  This driver will be available beginning April 14 for $349.  Cobra Puma Golf has created an entire apparel collection

Sponsored by Cobra Puma Golf, Bryson DeChambeau  has been using the King LTD driver and it has improved his play tremendously. Will Bryson DeChambeau be making the switch for the RBC Heritage? For more information or to get the Heritage F7 Driver custom fit, call Tour Fit Golf Labs at (239) 513-0002.

Edel's Putter Breakthrough

Edel Golf has raised some attention this week after their Torque Balanced E1 putter was used at the Masters.  Edel Golf has been working to solve a problem amongst many golfers: the force of the torque during the putting stroke.  Their solution? Create a putter with a “toe-up” balance point as opposed to the traditional toe-down or face-balanced putter. They have strategically removed weight from the toe of the putter helping reduce the force of the torque in the putting stroke.  They call this Torque Balanced Technology.  Edel Golf has received the Gold Medal of Golf Digest 2015 and 2017 Hotlist for this revolutionary idea.

Edel Golf’s Torque Balanced putters are unlike anything on the market.  At first glance, they may look rather traditional, until you notice the eight holes drilled through the bottom of the putter.  This look is the key identifying factor of the Torque balanced design.  The holes offer an nearly hollow midsection while the heel has a weight port.  The face of the putter is completely customizable with lines and dots that act as an alignment aid to fit each individual’s aim.  Their Torque Balanced Putters come in three styles, E-1 which is their mallet, E-2, the modified blade, and E-3, the blade.  These putters come in black, gold, or silver finishes, black or chrome shafts, custom stamping, and custom paint fill.

The PIXL Insert in the Torque Balanced design makes for a much more forgiving club.  Most putters lose 8-10% of their ball speed on a mishit, while the Pixl insert loses only 1-2%.  This directly translates to fewer putts left short of the hole.  Between the PIXL Insert and the Torque Balance Design, you will improve your confidence in your aim and distance control.  Visit to find out more about Edel Golf and call (239) 513-0002 to schedule your fitting today!

Understanding Lie and Loft

Imagine you are holding a golf club as if you were about to hit a shot.  Envision a vertical line going from the center of the club face towards the sky.  The angle between the center line and the ground is the loft of the club. The standard change of loft from club to club is about 3 degrees for irons and 4 degrees for wedges. An example of golf clubs on the market today is the  average 5-iron has 25 degrees of loft and a 9-iron has 41 degrees. The smaller the iron you use stepping down from 5, 6, 7 you will see the lofts increase meaning the ball will spin and travel higher than the club previously before.

The lie angle of the golf club is the angle that is formed between the center of the shaft and sole of the club at address. Lie angles are very important in the fitting process because if golfers do not have lie angles that fit their body types and swings it can negatively impact the accuracy of their shots.  When the lie angle of your club is wrong for your swing or body type, you may notice that you are producing a good swing but you are pushing or pulling the shot.

Tom Wishon, a golf club designer and manufacturer explained, ”The lie angle is considered to be perfect for the golfer when the sole arrives at impact perfectly parallel to the ground. If the lie angle is incorrect for the golfer, such that the toe of the clubhead is tilted well up in relation to the heel, the face is automatically pointing to the hook side of the target line. Conversely, if the clubhead arrives at impact tilted with the heel well up compared to the toe, the face of the clubhead is pointing to the slice side of the target line.”

There are three types of lie angles: standard, flat, and upright.  It is vital to know which is best for your game.  Call Tour Fit Golf Labs at (239) 513-0002 for more information and schedule your fitting!