Tour Fit Golf Labs brings Tour level custom golf club fitting to players seeking to lower their score and obtain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our golf club fitting process utilizes diagnostic and scientific data derived from Trackman, high-speed cameras, radar, and proprietary fitting software to ensure precision and reliability during the examination of our clients. We analyze 21 various measurements including the best combination of head, shaft, grip, profile, weight, frequency and length to ensure that each club is built to maximize performance.

With more than 50,000 possible combinations, we guarantee greater distance and accuracy to each and every one of our clients.

Fitting Options

Full Bag w/ Putter and Ball Fitting


Full Bag w/ Putter


Full Bag




Fairway & Wood










The first fitting option is charged full price. Each fitting option thereafter has a 50% discount.

From the tee, every golfer wants to hit longer drives without sacrificing accuracy.

Tour Fit Golf Labs is able to build the perfect driver for your swing based on the measurements we identify in the proprietary fitting process to maximize ball launch and spin.

We guarantee that you will more consistently drive the ball further and right down the fairway!

Hybrids and woods combine the qualities of an iron and driver into one club. These clubs are extremely versatile and can be used from the tee box, fairway, or rough.

Tour Fit Golf Labs will build you custom hybrid and wood golf clubs that are easier to hit and that will produce more consistency than long irons.

Irons are all about consistency and accuracy.

Our expert golf club fitters will ensure that your irons are tailored to your specific physique, posture, and swing to give you maximum distance without sacrificing accuracy or consistency.

Most golf shots are within 100 yards of the flagpole. As you approach the green, you want to ensure that your wedge is properly fitted to enhance your game and lower your score.

Based on what you are looking to achieve with your wedge, our custom golf club fitters will put you in the best combination to provide as much – or as little – spin on impact.

The putter is the most overlooked, yet the most widely used, club in the bag. Using high-speed cameras and putting software, our professional golf club fitters will analyze your set-up, aim, stroke, and roll to design the best putter for you.

Tour Fit Golf Labs can build your perfect putter no matter your style, including arm-lock, belly, and even long putters.


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