Building Your Custom Golf Clubs

Tour Fit Golf Labs has one objective:
Build the world’s best custom golf clubs.

Our pursuit of excellence is the driving force behind our three building principles: Patience, Precision, and Attention to Detail.

Developed over a number of years, our build process utilizes cutting-edge technologies to deliver a product that is unmatched within the industry. Each custom golf club is meticulously hand built in the United States by one of our master-craftsman and then tested to ensure it meets your exact specifications.

The Technology of Each Club

We are completely committed to providing you with the very best custom golf clubs possible. This is why we use the best materials and the latest technology to handcraft each and every club. Learn more about the building technology we use including Swingweight Scale, Digital Lie and Loft Machine, Frequency & Cycles Per Minute [CPM], Hot Melt and SST PURE.

The Swingweight Scale is a balance that measures the amount of torque the weight of the club exerts about a pivoting fulcrum. This generally means that we can identify the optimal head weight based on the overall length of the club so that your swing feels natural on every shot.

The Digital Lie & Loft Machine adjusts each irons lie and loft angles to help you hit the sweet spot. Our machines have 100% accurate measuring gauge assemblies and are the best in the industry.

This technology helps to identify the build frequency that maximizes inertia delivered to the golf ball at impact. The goal is to coordinate the straightening of the shaft so that it coincides with the precise moment the golf ball is impacted.

Tee shots on the PGA Tour have a distinct look and sound that can only be accomplished through hot melting. Each one of our clubs is hot melted to reduce the distinctive “ping” sound from stock drivers, add micro-weight to the club head, and encourage a more desirable and controllable flight pattern.

Tour Fit Golf Labs is an official licensee of SST PURE, the most advanced machine to analyze the structure of any golf shaft and identify the most stable bending plane or Neutral-Axis. The result is significantly improved consistency and accuracy across your entire custom golf club set.

Using SST PURE technology, more than $1.5 billion has been won on tour by PGA Golfers including Jason Day, Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, Jack Nicklaus, Justin Rose, Adam Scott, and Tiger Woods.

Once your custom golf clubs are done, we schedule a golf fitting so you can test out your clubs. This also helps us make any other necessary adjustments, allowing us to create the perfect clubs for you.

For more information about our building process, please do not hesitate to send us your questions through our Contact page.


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